About Us


Rich Belfer has been at the helm of the White Rose Diner for the last 28 years. He first bought the diner with his dad, Shelly, who owned similar businesses in Union, Clark, Fords and Newark. Shelly worked for a short time in Linden before retiring. He passed away in April 2016 and is sorely missed by all those that knew him.

Working alongside his dad, Rich was practically raised in the business, working at the register, helping at the counter and assembling papers from the time he was 6-years-old. After attending college in our nation’s capital with a focus on business, Rich soon realized there was really no other place he would rather work than at a diner. He came back to Jersey to do just that. 

Since taking over the White Rose Diner, Rich has expanded the menu from its main focus of burgers to include an extensive offering of gourmet omelets, pancakes, french toast, and fish and grits. He also introduced the Jersey Burger, a traditional large hamburger topped with Taylor ham and served with pickles, onions and ketchup on a hard roll.

There’s no one as fast as Rich on the grill and he welcomes anyone who visits to watch him through the window of his grill as he prepares his creations. He enjoys talking with his customers and continues to  create a friendly, fun environment for all.