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The finished burger is a pure classic, the molten cheese and slightly charred onions providing the perfect accompaniment to the tender beef. Despite being cooked through and having a crisp crust, the beef is juicy and flavorful. A wonderfully generic white squishy bun is steamed through and perfumed with the aroma of onions. You might want to call ahead when visiting White Rose System if the weather is particularly pleasant—Belfer has been know to close up a little early to go fishing. And who can blame him? White Rose mostly does breakfast and lunch business, as the call for mid-afternoon hamburgers has largely vanished along with the factories. The hours might be limited, but White Rose in Linden is worth the trip. Belfer serves a great hamburger—a classic taste in equally classic surroundings.  

Taylor Ham and Cheese

The Taylor Ham (or pork roll, as we refer to it), egg, and cheese, the unofficial state sandwich of New Jersey, is a specialty of the White Rose, and you'll find none better. The "complete" includes chunks of home fried potatoes (an inspired combo), and the hero loads up a long roll with heroic portions of the standard ingredients. Lunchtime favorites include the popular rugged-textured burger on a hard roll, Italian hot dogs, and an intriguing SUPER HOT Sausage Sub.

About Us

Rich Belfer has owned White Rose for 17 years, having purchased it from Jack Hemming, the original owner of the Elizabeth Avenue location (which dates back to the late 1960s). Virtually nothing has changed in terms of the hamburgers, and only a few aspects of the restaurant have done so. There is a sign that says that Spanish is spoken to reflect the changing demographic of the area—an unlikely requirement when the restaurant first opened, in an era when it catered to English-speaking factory workers that staffed the now defunct factories of Northern New Jersey. Also, half of the grill had to be replaced a few years back, although the half on which the burgers are cooked dates back almost forty years. Most everything else remains the same.

From Bobby Flay interview...

Cooking Method: Griddle steamed Short Order: Classic fresh beef sliders, perfectly prepared. Want Fries with That? Decent, but not as life-changing as the burgers. Price: Priceless. Notes: Open Mon. to Sat., 5 a.m. - 4 p.m

We call 'em little bullets," said Rich Belfer. "And we just put 'em on the grill, smash 'em, the grill's hot enough so the bottom will stick."   Burger maestro Rich Belfer has always lived by one motto: "Good things come in small packages."   "So, why are you smashing it down?" Flay asked.   "Just so they'll fit on the roll," Belfer said.  "Okay. It's all about size," Flay said.

For 18 years, Rich has manned the grill here at the White Rose, his little diner in Linden, New Jersey. It even offers a big window so that you can see the griddle where Rich is cooking everything....click
here for Bobby Flay's complete CBS interview with owner Rich Belfer.s 

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On Sunday, Sep 2, 2012, White Rose Diner was featured on 'Burger Land,' George Motz's New TV Show Airing in September on the Travel Channel 


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Located in Central NJ near and minutes from the Garden State Parkway, NJ Turnpike and Highway 9.